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Bharat Bhavan has mastered Indian and we look forward to serving you. Our menu includes a fine selection of popular and some unique Indian dishes. Bharat Bhavan can make the next night in one to remember!

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10 Lower Addiscombe Road
Croydon, CR06AA

Bharat Bhavan's Most Popular Items


cooked in almond sauce with fresh cream, delicately flavoured - mild



marinated chicken in sauce - mild


cooked with a touch of yoghurt, egg, onion, nuts and seasoning


chicken off the bone cooked with minced meat in special herbs and spices with fresh tomatoes, green pepper and egg, served with salad, pilau rice and curry sauce


in a sauce lightly cooked with mixed herbs and spices, a strong taste of ginger and other delicate flavours - spicy

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355 reviews


  • So tastey you could taste every spice and herb perfectly. Great portions and I had none left for the next day - it was so good! Thanks :)


  • The taste of the food was alright. But the food arrived 40 minutes late. The staff was quite rude when I called them to enquire about the delay. This isn't my first bad experience with Bharat Bhavan, in terms of delivery. Will never order from here again!


  • average not tasty I would say just a hunger curer


  • The food came after nearly two hours. It was cold and very salty. Despite requesting low salt the food came with more salt.


  • I have been ordering from Bharath Bhavan for a while now and their quality never seem to degrade. They are way better than any Indian takeaways.


  • Speedy service as requested.Really happy


  • Order accepted at 12:11 but can't deliver until 13:50 for a distance of 1.3 mile is ridiculous. Went in person to collect at 12:45. Why should I come to hungry house if this was the case?


  • This is what Friday's are made for, no cooking, feet up, just devouring my curry.


  • Incredibly bland food. One of those places that just doles out heaps of sauce and throws in a few scraps of, in this case, paneer. Really bad value for money, total rip off.


  • Excellent food and timely delivery..


  • Authentic South Indian food!!! The best!!!


  • Delivery was very fast. I had a chicken curry and a vegetable curry which were both bland and very oily. The chicken was decent quality, not too stale like some places, but it was let down by a sauce that had more oil than flavour. I could taste the right seasonings in there but they were all half measures. I know it can be hard to get the balance right for different customers, but I'm personally tired of eating curries with no discernible spice. My local kebab shop is consistently spicier than half the Indian restaurants here. What's going on? I thought you guys knew how to use spice? There was also an unidentified piece of something that looked almost like hard pork fat. Like a piece of pork rind in the curry. I don't know what that was, I don't think it was actually pork. I don't really want to think about it. I had to flush half the vegetable curry in the end, once I picked out the larger pieces of veg, it was just an oily sludge. Onion Bhajis were very very dry and crunchy, like a ball of crispy fried onion. I've never had a Bhaji like that before and I don't want one like that again. Even dipping in the sauce wasn't enough to save them, they was basically two seconds away from being completely burnt. Had to bin most of those as well. All in all disappointing.


  • Really nice food


  • Awful customer service, over priced, poor quality, ages for Delivery when arrived wrong..when i called blamed me for them not updating their on line menu!! Reported to hungry house who were helpful ..Definitely not south indian food ...Will never use again. .


  • Excellent food!! Delivery was within the promised window. We re-order again.